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Friday, December 14, 2012


"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.  Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved." -Helen Keller

Destiny is a funny thing.  There are times in my life where I have hated it and refused to believe in it and there are times that I have witnessed it's amazing power.  Destiny is a strong word.  I do not say this lightly when I tell you that Kekoa was destined to be Oliana's big brother.

 This is the story about my 1st miracle.  What better way for a miracle to arrive than in the form of a little, 18 month old boy named Kekoa.

The day that the doctor gave us the awful news about Oliana's eyes was no doubt one of the most painful experiences of my life.  It was absolutely devastating to my husband and I as well as our families. It was devastating to everyone except one little boy.  One little bright light that happened to come to visit me that day to meet his new baby sister.

I had just finished telling Seth that our baby was going to be blind.  Kekoa was wandering around the hospital room playing with his favorite cars and periodically watching the cartoons I had on the TV.  After the tears were dried up and Seth and I had composed ourselves, I ask Kekoa if he wants to meet his new sister.  We had been practicing for months with a tiny toy doll and he was very excited to show us just exactly how gentle he could be.

 Seth picks him up so he can have a better view of her lying in the bassinet.  He asks Kekoa if he wants to give her a kiss.  He slowly nods his head yes and says "bee-bee".  Seth leans down and Kekoa gives his sister the sweetest little kiss on the top of her head.  He then asks to be put down on the floor.  Seth puts him down on the ground and.....

He starts walking around the room  with his eyes closed and his little chubby baby hands out in front of him.

He is pretending to be blind.

Somehow this little boy, a baby really, has this whole thing figured out in 20 minutes.  Tears that had been dry just a few minutes ago immediately race down my cheeks.  How does he know?

He then opens his eyes, turns around and looks at his 2 astonished parents.  He just looks at us like, "Yeah. So she's blind.  See I can do it.  It's no big deal."

I will forever love my son for the millions of gifts he has given me as his mother.  However, the memory of him walking that room with his eyes closed with be forever imprinted in my mind as one of the things I love the most.  It was the moment I realized that Kekoa was more than willing to accept his destiny.

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